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We both came home and made salad, who’s is who’s?

Can barely see them but made flamingo, pineapple and palm tree earrings by ruining a kids bracelet and cheap earrings. Also this is the hawaiian top I made about ten sizes smaller so it fitted better. Yep. 🌴🍍

How dinner ended up, a mish mash of flavours, but tasty.

Into the oven to become a golden garlicy bready dream you go!

A little afternoon pick me up

Elvis soaking in some rays while I get all the emails sent, wahhh

From yesterday, after a visit to square root!

Prufrock capp, really damn good, expect nothing less mind!

A million and one things to do, but it’s his day off so at least a dog walk is welcomed!

Bugger to half of today however this number has brightened the day. Wowee!

Another of the delicious treats @oogiesboy has given me, toasted coconut with an incredibly fruity chcolate, mmmm! 🌴

@oogiesboy is the one. We’ve been listening to the Harry Nilsson album the point and he got this for me because of it. Point well made!

Mushroom & courgette burger with marmite bap and salad. Thank you @oogiesboy!


Morning coffee for my belly.