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After a most delightful cortado this green tea is hitting the spot. Thought my body was healing… nope. Back to fevers and swollen glands.

Festive Feels…

Some of the plushies need a little tlc and finishing. But a selection of the festive bits crocheted in the last month and a half ❄⛄🎄

The summer has nearly vanished from my face.

My best friend. My rock. My one. Alex is the kindest human. He is always going above and beyond what’s necessary, not just for me but for everyone around him. Can’t believe how time is flying with him, everything changed for the better and can’t wait to see where else we go ☺💕


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Wow. Just. Wow.

More spam, oops. It’s really nice to be out in the autumn freshness with my one. (at Tower Bridge)

Tourist time 💕

So much tasty. Waffle On doing breakfast right.

Just about six years ago or something… I really fancy getting out with my camera. It’s been ages since I’ve done anything with it that has been not work related.

Big crochet snowflake brooch I done made. Red lipstick. I refuse to stay unwell.

Two weeks in to having hot and sour soup for dinner most nights due to rotten cold type bug. However this hair colour and yet another trim is a welcome change .

winter snow & fun!