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Two of my favourite photographs ever. My grandparents 💕

I don’t do this often but @kingsjive has been voted into the British Street Food poll for best looking van! ‘Betty’ isn’t a van but she deserves a few votes! It’s just a click & link is on my IG profile…

Third day hair, it’s all a bit funny colour now, think it’s time for brown hair again.

Recycled the remaining pastry with mincemeat, a splash of sugar plum liquer and a crack of black pepper. Paired deliciously with mature cheddar, warm Christmas mead & The Grand Budapest Hotel.

@oogiesboy is a culinary whizz! We had so much green for dinner. Spinach, ricotta & shallot tart with cheese pastry (all I managed to help with here)

Emails, invoices, cup of tea and a little snuggle too.

Rose, cardomom & pistachio ice cream we done made! 💕💚

We cooked up a storm. Using our elephant garlic again 💕

This dress again but it’s so pastely! 💚💛💖💙

Betty flew a little today, bless her.

Eeee @oogiesboy sent me this from yesterday’s mini-adventure! 🎄🎅❄⛄

Home ahoy!

The garlic farm meadow! 🌹🌸🌼🌻

Garlic farm, garlic tasting, garlic treats, black garlic ice cream and a dream boat. 😻

Viewpoint pit stop! 💕