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On sunday I was handed these y a stranger, I’m going to pass the gesture forward this week. Humans, we’re not all bad.

Max has been snuggling his little bunny pal all morning!🐇

Friggin love being with this human 💕💖

Well that was a lot of fun! ,)

Haven’t seen my baby chimp in four days, we’ve eaten lovely food and about to go see The 39 Steps finally. Mishaps galore but joy a plenty!

Frosted window pains, candles gleaming inside, candy cane lane Yankee burning all day! It’s feeling that much closer 🎄🎅

Today was long again but I’ve encountered so much kindness.

With only one scare Betty and I made it to Bournemouth!

'Pumpkin spice syrup' just before the final blitz. No processed sugar, Organic where possible & real good in warm milk!

Guess it’d be wrong not to have homegrown squash for dinner! (@oogiesboy put in the work for these!)

No way of smiling nicely when it’s that tasty just grin and fhajdjsjdajdiakdjjjdahbwns

Soooooo much deliciousness. We don’t really need dinner now!

Alex tried a new route home, picked him up in Betty & he surprised me with the most treatiest of treats!