Squeee, met the beautiful & sweet @racheldarling_ today! Safe journey to Paris tomorrow lady 💕

Trailer Park Old Fashioned, sorry @oogiesboy 💛

The pooches are back! 💕

Photographs by Kat Forsyth with French Made London. Inspired by Cry Baby. I don’t think I post many of these photographs, they’re so talented!

Funky light w/ funky filter w/ funky lipstick. It’s a funky day.

So badass, I love this film.

Oh Alison. No humans in our area, film it is. “Drapes are people too, they just look different”

Lack of sleep, lack of organisation on site but hey its #noveltybroochfriday

Another weekend Sundown at Sundown.

Can’t do anything until later on so a quick mooch into the town. Bits of it are reet pretty!

This seriously strangely located little service cafe is verging on awesome.

Photo does it no justice, Mexican inspired kidney bean burger with lime yoghurt and coriander salsa with sweet potato chips. Happy burger day!

Raw egg nog (thank you @thisrawsomeveganlife) and Elf… ❄⛄🌲

It should be known I didn’t mean to order an 8% beer before going to sit at a meal with Alex’s work colleagues.